Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 70 was confirmed in April, and it will provide possible final details about patch 6.1 ahead of the release of the update. The release time of this Live Letter also gives players a good idea of when the new patch will actually be released. I'm also more excited about this, and I've prepared enough FFXIV Gil in advance for a more enjoyable gaming journey.

Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 70 will be broadcast on YouTube and Twitch on Friday, April 1. This date means that Patch 6.1 is likely to be released on Tuesday, April 12th. Either way, I'm all looking forward to the date being confirmed as part of the broadcast. This means I can get more FFXIV Gil and various items in the new content.

Live Letter 69 confirmed things like the expansion of glamour plates and the final dungeon revamped in the MSQ roulette. So I'm also excited about the new content that's coming, and I've set myself a goal. In order to reach my goal and get more rewards, I bought enough FFXIV Gil at IGGM. It did give me a better experience, it's affordable and the service is awesome!